It is our belief that all disputes are complex, creating difficulty and anguish among participants. Suffering the continued emotional burden of a conflict can be detrimental to not only the people involved - but also their families, co-workers and friends. No matter at what level of engagement - solutions are best found with the right mediator and as quickly as possible.

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Manx Mediation is a consortium of highly trained and experienced mediation, and conflict resolution professionals that are located on the Isle of Man. Manx Mediation practitioners are not only experts in the subtleties of mediation - they have years of experience within specialised fields.

Why is this so important as a mediator? Frank Hanna, Director of The Mediation Agency, explains, "Because every conflict is complicated and important to the people involved, a mediator needs to be someone who not only can help them untangle the issues - but also understands the particulars of the conflict environment. This not only instills confidence to the parties, but allows potential agreements to come more quickly and with greater likelihood of sustained success."

Whether it is utilizing the services of a legal-mediator, that of a medical-mediator, building industry-mediator or family relations-mediator, resolutions and subsequent agreements are more expediently accomplished if the mediator already knows the intricacies of the arena.

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