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Isle of Man Looks to Mediation for Dispute Resolution

Mediation is gaining in popularity due to its success - but mostly due to the common sense of using something so simple, yet so effective. In the United Kingdom it is making great strides, but perhaps more importantly to us on the Isle of Man, it is now being talked about by the Twnwald and is represented within a report written in 2007.

View the Report Presented by the Council of Ministers in June 2007, recommends the introduction of a mediation service in association with their legal aid programme. [See pages 6 - 3.1 and 7 - 3.1.4 found in the PDF report link above.]
Resolving disputes, restoring relationships
Additional Reports on Mediation

DTI Report Department of Trade and Industry report on the incidence of workplace conflict. (Includes a recommendation to the UK government that radical changes be implemented.)

CIPD Report (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) entitled, Managing Conflict at Work, is an analysis is based on replies from 798 UK organisations employing in total more than 2.2 million employees.