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Learning the skills and art of mediation, on The Isle of Man or elsewhere, is something that will add immeasurably to anyones life - both professionally and personally. Whether it is intended to be used to begin a new career or simply to enhance a current one; mediation training gives a great deal more than just a qualification - it gives graduates a fresh way of looking at conflict and the way they have dealt with it within their own lives.

Locating good mediation training, from qualified instructors, is crucial to give students a good foundation on their way in becoming great mediators. Honing students natural skills, while teaching important psychologies and detailed mediation structure, is a key element in this process. The Mediation Agency has excelled in teaching not only the fundamentals of mediation, but adding many elements that are not found with the curriculum of most other courses.
"We have based our training programme on the courses taught at Harvard and Pepperdine Universities, but have taken ours a step further - we teach students by enhancing their natural mediation skills and adding a great deal of refinement, mediation structure and methodologies to make them the best mediator they can be." Explains Dr. Frank Hanna, Director of The Mediation Agency.

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Learn about the careers and backgrounds of The Mediation Agency's instructors.

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