Resolving disputes, restoring relationships
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No two conflicts are ever alike. That is to say all disputes are unique due to the individual personalities of the people involved. Whether it is a problem within the workplace, a family, or a neighbourhood; each dispute carries with it the psychological finger print of the people involved. Additionally, conflict is further diversified by the environment where it was created - making every dispute a unique experience for the people involved as well as for the mediators trying to help them.

Good mediators view their responsibility at the helm of a mediation with the high importance it is due - knowing that their first and foremost instruction is to place the parties needs first. With that said, it is easy to understand that a mediation is made stronger if the mediator already has an insiders understanding of the social environment of the dispute. This leads to the conclusion that people will have a more productive mediation experience employing a specialised mediator.
We encourage you to investigate mediation as an alternative to litigation if you are in dispute, and if you are a dispute resolution professional located on the Isle of Man, we'd like to hear from you to consider adding you to our consortium.

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Manx Mediation, newly formed in 2007 by Dr. Frank Hanna, and Nancy Peterson, M.Med., is in the process of training and sourcing mediators within specialised areas of expertise to help the citizens of the Isle of Man with their disputes.
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Dr. Frank Hanna
Nancy Peterson