Resolving disputes, restoring relationships
Ask if the mediator is experienced in your type of dispute. For example, divorce, workplace, commercial, personal injury, community, etc.
  • Ask for references from former clients.
  • Ask for the fee structure.
  • Ask for details of all charges such as traveling time, preparation time and any additional charges involved in the creation of a written agreement.
  • Ask for full details of the procedure that he or she will utilize during the mediation.
  • Request that all parties sign an agreement to mediate before the mediation begins to ensure everyone participates in good faith.
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The Crucial First Step in Dispute Resolution: Choosing a mediator

The time is fast approaching when mediation will predominate as the most popular form of dispute resolution. Issues can be resolved in as little as a matter of hours and potential solutions go well beyond the restrictions of the judicial process in litigation. So much depends on the quality and skill of the mediator and as much care should be taken in the selection of the mediator as you would exercise in picking a lawyer or even a doctor.
All of the mediator's who work with the Manx Mediation are experienced, well trained mediators, each of whom has an impressive record of successful outcomes to many complex problems in different areas.
The world of mediation is, unfortunately, alive with the many people who work as mediators but do not possess the requisite skill sets to work in the commercial market.  It is for this reason that we suggest the following checklist to assist you in finding the mediator who is most appropriate for the problem or conflict you are seeking to resolve. You will find that professional mediators will welcome such enquiry and be happy to assist you in your search.
Some mediators are occasionally boastful and may seek to impress you with statistics that illustrate their success. This can be very misleading, as you will have no indication as to where they obtained those statistics, and even if an actual mediation could be verified, confidentiality would prohibit them from disclosing any distinguishing details.

Instead, look for voluntarily provided testimonials from former clients, certificates or diplomas indicating advanced 40 or 60-hour mediation training programmes, and academic degrees to assure the mediator in question has the necessary training and education to mediate your case. Manx Mediation is here to provide these answers and to help you in the selection process of a mediator that is just right for your case. Have a look at our mediator profiles or contact us to help you with any questions you may have.

As always, Manx Mediation is prepared to help you find the right mediator to assist you with the resolution of your dispute.

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The answers to these questions will provide you with a clear indication as to the competence of the mediator in question. 

Remember a good mediator should always remain neutral even when gathering basic information from the parties prior to mediation. Additionally a mediator will have no idea as to whether or not the mediation will result in a successful outcome, so be wary of mediators who make advance predictions as to the outcome.