Why is mediation so effective as a means of dispute resolution? The answer is both simple and complicated; it is just facilitated talk - but with the guidance of a highly trained and experienced mediator.

Mediation allows for a neutral third-party to assist people in working their way through the many complications and pitfalls of conflict. A mediator helps to clear the air and allows people to sift through their positions, giving them a clearer head to imagine outcomes and consequences, and finally find the best path to achieve their interests within a resolution. This may be a conflict between only two people, or may involve many more - even hundreds of people - as in multi-party mediations such as land use or environmental mediation. What ever the circumstances, all disputes can be aided by mediation. The result of a successful mediation is often restored communication and a better overall relationship.
Resolving disputes, restoring relationships

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Act quickly. Remember - even on the Isle of Man conflict and communication between contenders tends to get worse, not better, with the passing of time. Finding an intelligent way towards a solution, as quickly as possible, is crucial. Let one of our experienced mediators help you find peace.

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